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Michael’s Back!

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

In mid-April 2010, professional basketball’s most marketable and iconic player, Michael Jordan, purchased majority interest in the Charlotte Bobcats for $275 million. It’s often said that timing is everything in life. So in view of Jordan’s exquisite ability to move in and out of the NBA as both a player and owner at pivotal turning points in the overall social mood (i.e., major turning points in the financial markets) as discussed on p. 85 of MM (and depicted in the graphic below, which was not used in the book), we wait with bated breath to see if Jordan has or has not lost his golden touch (or perhaps we should say “fool’s golden” touch). If the Jordan’s past is prologue to the future of the social mood, a prudent investor might start accumulating a fistful of call options on the S&P500 right now.

Michael Jordan Graph

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